Monday, July 20, 2009

New Global Model for Speciation

ScienceDaily has a report on work done that is adding support to the idea that geographical isolation need not be present for speciation to occur. The article notes:
In a new study just published in Nature, Les Kaufman, Boston University professor of biology and associate director of the BU Marine Program along with a team of researchers from The New England Complex Systems Institute, have collaborated and found a way to settle the debate which deals with the origin of species independent of geographic isolation.

They demonstrated, using a computer model, how diverse species can arise from the arrangement of organisms across an area, without any influence from geographical barriers or even natural selection. Over generations, the genetic distance between organisms in different regions increases, the study noted. Organisms spontaneously form groups that can no longer mate resulting in a patchwork of species across the area. Thus the number of species increases rapidly until it reaches a relatively steady state.

"Our biodiversity results provide additional evidence that species diversity arises without specific physical barriers," the study states.

The computer simulations, the authors, note showed the distribution of species formed patterns similar to those that have occurred with real organisms all around the world.
This is a boost for the sympatric speciation model, although it is likely that both take place all over the world in different populations.

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  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Spontaneous Speciation?
    Again And Again: It's Culture That Drives Evolution
    Not Occasional Genetic Accidents

    Re "Spontaneous speciation?"

    Again and again:

    A. Earth's primal organisms, Genes, and their take-offs, all Earth organisms, are temporary energy packages. The more of them there are the more enhanced is the biosphere, Earth's life, Earth's storage of temporarily constrained energy. This Is Nature's Drive And Purpose Of Life. This Is The Origin, The Drive, The Archetype, Of Selected Modes Of Survival.

    B. From
    I have been presenting evidence for years that adaptation, i.e. culture, is the driver of evolution of all life including human and, yes, of all other, inanimate materials, and that genetic evolution is generally biased, not random.

    NO NO NO. The drive of evolution is NOT RANDOM change followed by survival selection. It is biased, as explained in my "Updated Life's Manifest" and elaborated in my posts about the nature and role of culture in evolution. In evolution of ALL materials, including life.

    C. From
    "Origin Of Origins"
    Earth Life is but one specimen of myriad of materials being formed and attempting to survive for temporarily constraining energy. This is the essence of the ongoing Big Bang.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)
    Updated Life's Manifest May 2009