Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Other Hand..."Checkmate?"

Moderate Voice has pointed out that this anti-global warming/anti-evolution connection banner that the conservative movement is so willing to march to will backfire rather badly on them. The author writes:

This is pretty darned handy. Now, if somebody is skeptical about whether humans are causing global warming, or whether data is being gathered in hot spots, they can just be shot down as anti-intellectuals who don’t believe in evolution, either.

Kinda like this.

What a godsend (pun intended) for the AGW believers. Now, instead of haggling about science, they can just lump questioners into the same category as the anti-evolutionists.


Up until this point, anti-evolution promoters did battle only in the public school and church arenas. The global warming debate includes EVERYONE! They're profile just rose 100%. Oh joy. It always gets darker just before it gets pitch black.

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  1. I like the Moderate Voice website you linked to. They seem reasonable and not too out to lunch on any issues. I'll have to check them out more often.