Sunday, May 03, 2015

Answers in Genesis Files Injunction Declaring Discrimination

Charisma News reports that Ken Ham and AiG have filed suit against officials in Kentucky on the claim that they are discriminating unfairly against AiG in their attempt to get tax incentives for the Ark Encounter.  A. Larry Ross writes:
With the injunction, AiG is asking the court to allow the Ark project to participate in a state sales tax rebate, even as its religious discrimination lawsuit proceeds. The motion today seeks to override the blocking efforts of Gov. Steven Beshear and his tourism secretary and send the incentive application directly to a state tourism board (the Tourism Development Finance Authority), where the ultimate approval for a tax rebate is given.

AiG is asking the court that its rebate application be treated by the state as it would one filed by a non-religious group and go through the approval process without being blocked. The Tourism Authority had already given preliminary approval to AiG's application, but when secularist groups around the country vigorously protested, the governor and his tourism secretary, Bob Stewart, bowed to the pressure and kept the application from being voted on by the Tourism Authority.
No word on how the junk bonds are selling. This continues to be an uphill battle for Ham.

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