Friday, May 29, 2015

UPDATE: Dinosaurs Lived With Humans?

I have been reflecting on the blogosphere's reaction to the Google page that results in the search "What happened to the dinosaurs?"  While it is true that the top result is a link to Ken Ham's absurd young earth creationist book by the same title, I wonder if the chief reaction: Have Google change the results page, is the correct one.  Do we really want Google discriminating its results?  That can work both ways and some things we don't want discriminated might be.  I suspect the best thing we can do is place similarly-worded page up that alert readers to the errancy of the result from Answers in Genesis.  To that end, there will be a follow-up post doing exactly that. 

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  1. The irony is that Ken Ham and AiG do not have a CLUE why dinosaurs went 'recently' and also unbiblically extinct - I tried to get them to explain why EVERY SINGLE one of HUNDREDS of dinosaur species is no longer on the planet (except as fossils), and they responded by blocking or ignoring me.

    (This lengthy YEC article comes up with an ad hoc attempted explanation - that "Since vegetation, being outside the Ark, was subject to immediate differential extinction, the animals released from the Ark were subject to differential extinction which necessarily paralleled the vegetation they were dependent upon. Thus the main reason why mammals survived at the expense of dinosaurs, ‘primitive’ reptiles, etc., was because mammals had such a great reproductive advantage due to the overwhelming predominance of TAB IV [i.e. the ‘Cenozoic’ TAB] vegetation"; in the YEC 'worldview' presumably dinosaurs chose NOT to eat flowering plants or angiosperms, rather than such plants had not yet evolved.

    YECs don't do science re the past they try to misuse it for their inflexible 'Bible' apologetics.