Monday, June 15, 2009

Discovery Institute Files Lawsuit to Have Youtube video removed

Afarensis has a story on their site that the Discovery Institute has attempted to get the following video by djarm67 blocked from Youtube. In it, an interview between a Fox correspondent and Casey Luskin of the DI is interspersed with commentary exposing Luskin's tenuous (at best) hold on some evolutionary concepts. Here is the video.

Luskin has been a favorite pincushion for many in the scientific community because he is so vocal and so misinformed. I doubt this will go anywhere


  1. Hi Jim,

    Whilst I have mirrored this video, the original which was the subject of a false DMCA claim by the Discovery Institute was by a user named DonExodus2. As a result of this false DMCA claim, the video has now been re-uploaded on well over 200 YouTube channels and has reached a much wider audience than the single video could have ever hoped to have achieved. "Censorship Fail". An international consortium of YouTube users are currently in discussions with DonE with the outcome of a lawsuit for falsely filing a DMCA (under penalty of perjury) a distinct possibility. This issue has also gain some exposure in the wider blogosphere. Thanks for spreading the message regarding this dishonest tactic of censorship.


  2. Thanks for the correction. I will conctact DonExodus2 and thank him for his video.