Monday, June 01, 2009

Finding Dinosaurs in Alberta

In Alberta, Canada, which is the home of the largest creation museum in Canada, the Big Valley Creation Museum the local palaeontologists have their own answer. The Grande Prairie Herald Tribune has an article on dinosaur camps that are being offered to youngsters by Grande Prairie Regional College. Quoth the article:
"There will be some kind of informative lectures, but most of it will be hands-on. We have various exercises designed to actually give the kids experience in what it’s like to excavate a dinosaur fossil; to actually learn to look at the tracks and learn how dinosaurs walked and how dinosaurs ran; opportunities for kids to make up posters on their favourite dinosaurs.

“We’ll actually be doing some field trips where we’ll go out to real localities where they can look at the geology of the area and figure out what this place looked like 70 million years ago.”
Any antidote to the nonsense of the Big Valley Museum is welcome.

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