Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Radio Show by Jonathan Park

Just when you thought it was safe to put down the mallet, another mole pops up. A new series of radio dramas by Jonathan Park is designed to "disprove popular Darwinist myths." Remember what I said a bit back about people that use the term "Darwinist" and "Darwinism." They typically don't understand what they are talking about. The story, in Christian News Wire has this:
The best-selling Jonathan Park audio drama series follows young Jonathan and his paleontologist family on their adventures around the globe. In "Jonathan Park and the Journey Never Taken", the Polar Star Medallion mysteriously shows up at the Brenan Museum of Creation, quickly throwing the Creation Response Team into a memorable scavenger hunt. Cryptic clues lead their team to Sweden, Scotland, and beyond in search of a promised treasure. Along the way, they explore the true history of Charles Darwin and his colleagues and learn how these men helped perpetuate the myth of a universe created without a Creator.
The Jonathan Park site is here. Its message is clear from the beginning:
Come visit the exciting world of Jonathan Park! For years, the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series has been equipping parents and children to defend biblical creation and against the lies of evolution. Now, at the start of a new year, there has never been a better time to begin the adventure with your own family.
For 18 dollars and 75 cents, I am almost curious enough...almost. One wonders what lies he is talking about.


  1. My wife picked up a Jonathan Park CD at a homeschooling convention. I'll see if it's the one you're talking about.

  2. I would be curious to know what you two think of it.

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I've listened to every episode in this volume and wrote reviews for them:

    Adventure: 3 stars
    Science: 0 stars
    History: 1 star

  4. Thanks for doing the legwork. I will get around to it when I get the next BioLogos post out and the house closes.