Monday, June 08, 2009

The HeraldSun Profiles Michael Dowd

Bryan Patterson of the HeraldSun of Melbourne profiles Michael Dowd, and during the interview, Dowd reveals more of his background as a creationists than he does in his book Thank God for Evolution (which I am still plowing through. It is dense). Dowd is quoted thus:
Growing up in a Catholic family, Dowd was taught evolution was of the devil.

He believed Darwinism was the root of most social problems, and was deeply concerned for my friends and family, especially those "caught in the snares of a secular humanistic worldview".

"I even distributed anti-evolution tracts and was eager to debate anyone who thought the world was more than 6000 years old."

The shift in his thinking came in stages. He came to trust his religious teachers before he knew they held evolutionary world views.

He talks of no longer opposing evolution, "but wholeheartedly embracing it as the Great Story of 14 billion years of divine grace and creativity".
Read the whole thing.

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