Thursday, October 08, 2009

Huge Dinosaur Prints in France

According to The Globe and Mail, a set of ginormous dinosaur prints has been discovered in France. The story notes:

The site of the find, high in the Jura mountains, was once a literal sauropod stomping ground: So far, 20 prints scattered on a 10-hectare site have been uncovered, paleontologist Jean-Michel Mazin of France's National Centre of Scientific Research said Wednesday.

Researchers believe there are hundreds, or even thousands, more still hidden, Mr. Mazin said.

The well-preserved footprints from the Late Jurassic period will help scientists learn more about sauropods, long-necked plant eaters that were giants among the dinosaurs. The hulking beasts who left their footprints in the mud 150 million years ago weighed 30 to 40 tonnes and were more than 25 metres long, the French research centre said.


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