Friday, October 09, 2009

Josh Rosenau and the Good Samaritan

A bit back, Josh Rosenau, the blogger behind Thoughts from Kansas lost his laptop and some other items. Recently, someone anonymously donated some money to him with a note that reads, in part:
Not that it matters, but I am one of those dreaded "creationists" that many science bloggers love to mock. My own personal views fall somewhere between id [sic] (not ID the whole DI anti-evolution political movement) and TE [theistic evolution] or EC [evolutionary creationism, the evangelical version of TE, roughly]. I love science and have a B.S. in a health-related field. I am kind of a freak in that no one else I know really seems to care much about the subject. … I do not oppose teaching good science. But I do oppose either scientism or religion being promoted in public schools, but am willing to bet that most educators know better than to cross the line. … I hate the warfare rhetoric used by the most vocal culture warriors. A lot of books and articles apparently get sold/read by capitalizing on the warfare model. I have concluded that those on the extremes have no desire to see the warfare end and achieve their purposes best by fanning the flames.
When I read that, I think of the ICR, AIG, Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne and then I think about all of the rest of us caught in the middle. Here is someone willing to help out just because he can and believes that he is called to do so. A good example for all of us.

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