Monday, October 12, 2009

P.Z. Myers Takes Russell Goldman to the Woodshed

In a post on Pharyngula, P.Z. Myers takes apart the Russell Goldman article on ABC News. Titled The Worst Article on Ardipithecus Yet, Myers, unfortunately has as much fun bashing intelligent Christians as he does bashing creationist Christians. About David Menton, he writes:
Menton is not an acclaimed anatomist. His sole claim to fame is his weird belief that the earth is only 6000 years old. Although, I must say, I agree with his sentiment here: the first page is metaphorical, poetical nonsense and should be thrown out, and the rest should be tossed right after it. But what really annoys me is the patent disrespect for knowledge in these people. Ardipithecus is a genus that lived over 4 million years ago. Shouldn't there be a little bit of awe at that? Not from the ICR.
There is much in the article that is terribly-written and worthy of scorn. The problem is that by bringing up the creationists' position, front and center, the radically strange, flat-earth science aspects of their position is emphasized, making Christians as a whole, look bad.

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