Monday, September 11, 2006

Ice Cores and the Flood

Catching up again. In an article that appeared at the end of 2003 in the ASA's journal Perspectives on the Christian Faith, Paul Seely argues that the information coming out of Greenland on the GISP2 ice core provides "strong evidence that there was no global flood." The article lays out the evidence that annual layers can be counted down to 110 000 years and, in no instance, is there a melt layer that would correspond to a world-wide flood.

He is particularly critical of Michael Oard's argument that there has been only one ice age, remarking:

Oard’s second argument is based on his hypothesis that there was only one Ice Age and that the ice sheet during that time (c. 2700 to 2000 BC) would have been lower and temperatures warmer, and this would have produced “more melt or hoar frost layers (cloudy bands) … Therefore, what uniformitarian scientists are claiming as annual variations are simply oscillations that occur within a single year.” (Oard 2001: 42 in Seely)

If the weather was sufficiently warmer in the past to frequently raise the temperature above freezing, then more melt layers would be produced. But, Oard has confused melt layers with hoar frost layers. Any experienced glaciologist will tell you that melt layers are quite different in nature and appearance from hoar frost layers; and thus are easy to spot and discount. (text note omitted) (Seely 2003: 256)

He further notes:

Oard’s confusion of melt-layers with hoar frost layers and his failure to understand that the latter are due to seasonal differences invalidates his second argument. (Seely 2003: 257)

Marvin Lubenow relies very heavily on Oard's arguments about there being only one ice age. Kevin Henke absolutely destroys those arguments here.

I finally got around to joining the ASA. If you are interested in these issues, you might think about it also. The web site is

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