Saturday, June 30, 2007

I subscribe to Acts and Facts, the ICR's monthly magazine. It always contains a piece by John D. Morris, the son of ICR founder, the late Henry Morris. This month's piece is called "What if Evolution Were True?"

Its hard to find more disinformation in any six paragraphs of creationist literature anywhere. I have commented in parentheses. He writes:

What if all life evolved from a common ancestor by means of gradual changes as Darwin suggested? What evidence would we expect to find? Certainly we would expect to find the fossilized remains of the myriads of ancestral creatures which lived and died over the millenia. (We have.) At least some of the intermediate forms would have been fossilized. (they were). Remains of many varieties of present creatures have been found, including some extinct varieties, but the true in-between forms bridging gaps still elude us. (No they don't.)

He continues:

We would also expect to discover a universal trend in science which leads to more complexity in nature, paving the way for an increase in genetic content. Instead we discover the universal second law of science, which invariable points toward a degradation of quality in every duplication of information, such as in reproduction and more randomness in every unguided process.

For the umpteenth time, the earth is not a closed system!!!!! John Derbeyshire is right. WHACK!!!

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