Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sowing Atheism at the National Academy of Sciences

Solving Light Books has a free download of a book titled Sowing Atheism: The Natonal Academy Of Science' Sinister Scheme To Teach Our Children They're Descended from Reptiles. Sure to be an interesting read. The opening two paragraphs pretty much set the tone:

Imagine yourself standing in the administrative offices of your local junior high school. You are there to bring a forgotten lunch to one of your children. Two tall, forbidding men enter wearing black business suits with red-letter NAS (National Academy of Sciences) armbands. They sneer and brush past you. They ignore the receptionist and the other people working there, and head straight for the principal’s office. Just as the startled educator looks up at the intruders, both slam their fists on his desk. In unison, they cry, “We represent infallible science. You must teach these children that they are descended from reptiles. It is impossible to disprove our findings, and wrong to challenge them; therefore, no other point of view will be tolerated.” When these men disregard you again on their way out, you follow and yell down the hall, “What evidence do you have that we are descended from reptiles?” They reply, “We don’t need any evidence. All we have to do is say we have it in abundance. We are the philosopher kings of science.”

Time to wade in...


  1. Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

  2. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Samuel Skinner
    Reminds me of Al Frankens comment on Phil Gramn. "How many times are you in the kitchen and you say to yourself- damn I left my shotgun in the living room. I bet that happens all the time for him.