Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas SBOE Hearings, Day 2

Josh Rosenau is blogging the Texas State Board of Education hearing here. He also testified. Here is a brief section:
The National Center for Science Education and these [54] many scientific societies urge the Board to delay or reject outright any further amendments which have not been reviewed by your writing committees and the community of Texas scientists and educators. Do not be distracted by discredited creationist claims such as that microbes are irreducibly complex or that the Cambrian Explosion is inexplicable. Do not single out evolution or related concepts in geoscience for scrutiny beyond that given to every other scientific topic.

Texas students _deserve_ a world-class education, and this revision process could move them toward that goal, … or hold them back. Please, listen to the voices of scientists and educators, listen to the writing committees you chose, and restore and protect honest science in the TEKS.

At what point can one reasonably argue that people like Casey Luskin of the DI are lying?

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