Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Jesus has Risen!


  1. He has risen, indeed!

  2. He has risen indeed!!!

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask this, but you mentioned several months ago a person in your Sunday School class making an anti-evolution comment, you shaking your head, and the pastor suggesting he and you talk sometime? Just wondering if you've had that talk yet? I find myself in a similar situation, thinking I ought to discuss this with my pastor. Can you pass along any words of wisdom on this, or refer me to a good source on how to handle the process of making my views known in a God-honoring way? Thanks.

  4. Anonymous,
    I have not had the talk yet. It is scheduled for three weeks hence. I am not sure if it will take a theological tone, a scientific tone, or both. I have reason to believe that my pastor is open-minded enough to understand that there are people out there that believe strongly in the redemptive power of Jesus but accept an old earth and, quite possibly evolution. He might not accept that, and you need to be ready for that possibility, but I do not think he will boot me from the church. Realistically, I cannot get him up to speed on evolution—there is simply too much to cover. What I need him to understand is that my devotion to my walk with God is not trivial and my view of science is well-thought out. I do know there are people in the church that would boot me out. There are probably people like that in every church. I am reminded of the charge of heresy leveled against Terry Gray by the OPC because he had the temerity to argue common ancestry for the higher apes and humans. Advice? I wish I knew. I will be happy to tell you after I have the talk and if you want to contact me directly, you are welcome to do so at

  5. Jim,

    If I may offer a bit of advice, most creationists have simply never been shown any evidence that is very difficult to explain in a creationist paradigm but easy to explain in a common ancestry paradigm. You don't have to go through everything with your pastor, just pick a couple of pieces of evidence that are relatively easy to make that you think are high impact. Shared pseudogenes and humans' fused chromosome might be useful.

    Most creationists also aren't familiar with just how consistent the Bible is with a three-tiered universe. You might point out that Genesis 1 places the stars of the firmament under the waters of the heavens, that in the book of Job Elihu declares the sky to be hard as bronze, and that the Psalms refer to the waters above the heavens, and God laying the beams of his dwelling place on the upper waters of the heavens.

    I don't expect you to convince your pastor in one sitting, but just having a few points like those above might go a long way to convincing him that you've got a case. They may even stick in his mind and get him to start investigating the question seriously himself.

    Anyway, best of luck. Oh, and he is risen indeed!