Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jerry Coyne Reacts to the Home School Ruckus

Jerry Coyne, who, if you will recall, co-reviewed sections of textbooks by Apologia and Bob Jones and gave them failing grades, began receiving email from "Christians." Here is an example of what he got:
Dear Sir,
I am very upset with what you said within a recent article on yahoo. Sir, I’m going to tell you something that you need to hear. Sir, You are going to HELL. Because when GOD CREATED the Earth HE made everything perfect and in GOD’s perfect plan humans didn’t need to be evolved from monkeys. So there evolution is wrong. GO Read the bible it tells you the truth, see what GOD said about creation, not what some Man thought were we came from. Because I believe that WORD OF GOD is the truth and nothing else is.
Yours truly,
a GOD fearing Man
That was the nice one. Here, from another post by Coyne, is the not so nice one. I have altered it just a bit in obvious ways:
Hey Jerry Coyne f**k you. You evolution faggot. Darwinism and evolution are the biggest pile of s**t lies ever made on the face of GODS green earth. People in the 1800’s thought Darwin was a dumb ass f**king lunatic. Home school books are lying to children? On no you son of a b**ch you and all these liberal piece of shit scum bag evolutionists are lying to children and every public school in the world. . . So go f**k your self or an ape and evolve some grotesque ape kids you loser fuck. I beat the s**t out of people like you, you cock smoking douche nozzle.
As I read this, at least part of me wondered aloud "is this a troll?" Due to the nature of free speech being what it is, there are trolls out there on the internet. I have had trolls try to post on my site. It is my sincere hope that this is an example of the writings of a troll. If not, this is exactly the kind of ammunition Jerry Coyne, P.Z. Myers and Richard Dawkins need to say "See, Christians are even nastier than we atheists. Where's the love of Christ here???" Interestingly, in the comments sections, a number of people have suggested the same thing I did. There are probably other Christians that read Coyne's site that were caught between the eyes like I was.

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