Friday, April 09, 2010

Palaeontology Ramping Up in China

Randy Boswell of the Ottawa Citizen has an article on work that is going on in China involving the transition from Dinosaurs to birds and the work of a Canadian palaeontologist:
But a Canadian scientist working in China has scored a paleontological hat trick in the past month alone, co-authoring three papers that detail the discovery of two new species of the extinct reptiles -- including one with a striking resemblance to the roadrunner -- and reveal a previously unknown feature of "feathered arms" in a birdlike dinosaur with the posture of a penguin.

Corwin Sullivan, an evolution expert raised in Ontario and B.C. and educated at the University of Toronto and University of Victoria, says the flurry of published studies is "mostly a coincidence of timing," but also reflects how China has emerged as the world's richest fossil hotbed, particularly when it comes to tracing links between dinosaurs and birds.
The amount of material that is coming out of this area is staggering and there is much more to come.

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