Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letter to Rand Paul

I just sent this letter to the Rand Paul campaign. Paul, if you will recall, dodged a question on the age of the earth at a home school convention. This evasion provided a good deal of grist for the "GOP as scientifically illiterates" mill. The letter reads:
Dear Dr. Paul,

At a recent home school convention when you were asked how old the earth is, you "passed." As a scientist who is concerned that the GOP is embracing a scientifically bankrupt model of earth and universal origins that proposes that the universe was created six thousand years ago, I would be most grateful if you would clarify your position on this question. If, like me, you share this concern, it would be most welcome for you to come forward as a Republican who accepts a scientifically grounded view of origins and yet who espouses a Christian world view.Such a pronouncement would show the media that there are non-democrats running for public office that have not rejected modern science.Thank you for your time.

Lets see if I get a response.


  1. Jim, Great idea! I too would love to see what their response will be, that is, if they respond at all.

  2. I doubt you'll hear back from the campaign in any substantive way. In the internet age it would simply be impossible for them to keep their answer from finding its way to the homeschooling community.

  3. AMW, that is kind of disappointing. I would think he would have the courage to come out and say what he thinks. You are probably correct, though.