Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ah, the Life!

The Tribune Newspaper of Swartkrans has an article about a former factory manager who is now hunting for fossils in South Africa. According to the story by Robyn Dixon:
[Morris] Sutton, 47, an archaeologist, was a Memphis, Tenn., factory manager who grew tired of the flat horizon of commerce and manufacturing and of laying off fellow employees. So he quit to pursue his hobby: hunting for fossils and Stone Age tools. He went back to college to study archaeology and later moved to South Africa, where he is a postdoctoral researcher with the Institute for Human Evolution at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Now that would be fun! Swartkrans is a site that was first excavated by Robert Broom in the 1930s and revealed Australopithecus robustus remains, including some almost complete skulls, such as the one on the left, and a complete vertebral column, showing without a shadow of a doubt that these creatures with small, ape-like skulls were walking upright like modern humans.

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