Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Post at CFSI

My new post is up at Center for Faith and Science International. It briefly covers the evolutionary evidence of the transition from dinosaurs to birds and the evidence of marsupial radiation. Next, I will touch on the evidence from genetics.

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  1. Howdy -- should be an interesting series! A few minor edits I noticed...

    Those that do not accept evolution argue that Archaeopteryx cannot represent a transitional form because it lived at the same time as the Triassic dinosaurs. This argument assumes an incorrect model of evolution based on a strict lineal relationship between ancestral and descendent forms. Evolution rarely proceeds in this “tree-like” fashion but rather is a series of “branches,” like a family tree, with brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

    Evolution rarely proceeds in this “tree-like” fashion --> I think you mean ladder-like.

    "Fossil marsupial evidence is found in South America until approximately 10 million years ago." --> There are still a fair number of marsupials living in South America, including the only only with a water-proof pouch that allows it to dive & swim in rivers...

  2. Nice article. Short but sweet. You must have edited it mercilessly since you wrote:
    As that continent moved south, the fauna became extinct due to the cold.
    I assume you meant Antarctica not Australia, which is the antecedent.

  3. Good article, James, but Archaeopteryx is Jurassic, not Triassic.

  4. I am never writing something that fast again!!! All good comments, all exactly correct. Dang.