Friday, January 21, 2011

Its Gone!!

Denyse O'Leary has come through with Flying Colors!!! The comment that I left last night on O'Leary's atheism post is GONE! In its place are eight comments that, to one degree or another, agree with what she wrote. Absolutely amazing. How can anyone call themselves a journalist with integrity when they remove comments that don't agree with what they write? My comment contained no name-calling, no hateful references, and no ad hominem attacks and yet, as far as the readers of UD know, it was never there. Disgraceful.

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  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    For what it's worth, your comment is still there; it's the first one, in fact.

  2. Having a reasonable conversation with Ms O'Leary is next to impossible. I have tried and given up!

    Hunter is so bad that I totally ignore his posts on UcD.
    Dave W

  3. Anonymous, thanks for the update. I have reposted.