Friday, April 01, 2011

NCSE Upchucky Award: AiG's Ark Park

The second annual NCSE Upchucky Award has been awarded:
Which creationist made us toss our cookies?

As constant as the northern wind, as tenacious as an underfed Chihuahua, as aggravating as a little brother with a squirt gun, creationists across our fair land continue to annoy and appall. They push pseudo-science in America's classrooms, textbooks, and curriculum. But which creationist was the most annoying and appalling?

It's a hard call. But at DontDissDarwin Central, making hard calls is what we do.

After much deliberation between the nominees: John Freshwater, The Louisiana Family Forum and the Ark Park, the winner was...the Ark Park:
Notes the Lexington Herald-Leader: the Ark Park is "rooted in outright opposition to science...[this] hostility to science, knowledge and education does little to attract the kind of employers that will provide good-paying jobs with a future."
The editorial continues:
Despite some progress in economic development, Kentucky continues to use tax incentives in pursuit of mostly low-paying, part-time seasonal jobs that would further lower the state's average wage and do little to increase the demand of higher education. This is similar to past shortsighted subsidies of chicken processing plants and customer call centers.
It certainly won't bring a national laboratory to your neck of the woods anytime soon. And is 900+ jobs for the area worth the anti-science reputation the park will get? It might be if you don't know the difference between good science and bad science.

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