Thursday, September 01, 2011

Texas Freedom Network Chides Rick Perry

The Texas Freedom Network hopped all over Rick Perry for his statement that, in Texas, they teach both creationism and evolution.  Jose writes:
In a galling display of irresponsibility, Gov. Perry today once again waded into the culture wars for political gain when he told a young boy while campaigning in New Hampshire that “in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools.”

Gov. Perry:
A) We don’t
B) Your comments could place school districts in legal peril
C) Your comments are harmful to public education

It is outrageous that Gov. Perry would erode respect for and trust in public education in Texas, simply in order to promote his political aspirations. Texans and Texas schools are working to prepare our children for college and 21st-century jobs. Gov. Perry’s irresponsible comments wrongly suggest otherwise.
I am reminded of the comment made to one of my other posts in which the writer suggested that the whole creation/evolution debate had become “politically negotiable” rather than an aspect of scientific inquiry. That is sad.  Perry has already gone on record as stating that evolution has “got some gaps in it” although I doubt he would know what those were.  It might be a surprise for him to know that every scientific theory has unanswered questions.  The problem is that is not what he means by “gaps.”

Politics and science: bad mix.  

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