Monday, March 19, 2012

Ben Bova on Evolution and Global Warming

Science fiction author Ben Bova, who will turn eighty this year, has written an editorial on the “marching morons” who refuse to accept evolution and climate change. He opines:
We have serious candidates for the presidency announcing that they don't believe in Charles Darwin's concept of evolution. They want to give equal time in classrooms to ideas such as creationism and intelligent design. Either they are grossly ignorant of Darwin's work or they are cynically misleading the public in an attempt to win votes from those who actually are grossly ignorant.

Evolution is real. We see it everywhere in the natural world.

There are literally tons of evidence to support the concept of evolution — fossils from millions of years ago, physical links from one species of plant or animal to another. We see evolution taking place before our eyes when we watch bacteria become immune to antibiotics.

Against all this evidence, the creationists have no evidence at all. They rely on the word of the Bible, books written centuries ago by writers who were trying to understand the history of Israel, not explaining the workings of the natural world.
How is it that most theologians understand this and most lay evangelicals do not? Bova is equally vituperative against the detractors of global warming. Read the whole thing.

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