Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ken Ham: Coming to a Billboard Near You!

Apparently, Ken Ham is taking his Creation Museum to Billboards across the Country. According to Dylan Lovan of the AP:
Ham said there are 20 different billboard styles, though some feature other prehistoric animals like mastodons. A billboard near Interstate 64 in Louisville features a flying pterodactyl and says the museum is "101 miles ahead." So far the signs have appeared in 25 states.

The high-tech museum near Cincinnati has animatronic dinosaurs, models and fossils, and teaches that the giant reptiles were created by God in a matter of days along with all other living things a few thousand years ago. Paleontologists say fossil evidence shows dinosaurs were present on the earth tens of millions of years ago, well before humans arrived.

Science educators that have long criticized the museum and said the Creation Museum's campaign is meant to attract young people interested in dinosaurs to a place that delivers a religious message and a version of history that conflicts with scientific findings.

"It's a hook, it's a bait to get people to say, 'Hey let's go to that museum' — and then the other message is brought out," said Steven Newton, a program director at the National Center for Science Education in Oakland, Calif.
The catch is, as you can see from the ads, there is no information so most people think they will be going to a natural history museum, with standard mainstream scientific information about dinosaurs. What you get, instead, is the young-earth creationist message that dinosaurs and humans coexisted on the landscape which, as Barry Lynn points out, is “only true in the Flintstones.”

The advertising will probably work and bring more people in. That is unfortunate.

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  1. The one with the fire-breathing dragon is my favorite. It makes me wonder once again whether Ken Ham isn't someone who deep down hates Christianity and is working covertly to make it look as ridiculous as possible.

  2. Sure trying hard, isn't he?

  3. Sure is succeeding, isn't he? If I remember, a major exhibit on natural and cultural roots of dragons was organized by AMNH in NYC 5 years ago and is still traveling today (I believe at the Cleveland Museum now through August). Do only secular scientists hold the copyright on using dragons to bring visitors in? If God created them (and dinosaurs), why not use them?

  4. Yes, but we need dragons like the mighty, majestic ones in Tolkien, like Ancalagon and Glaurung.

  5. How does the one you quoted (Barry Lynn) know that dinosaurs and humans coexisted on the landscape is “only true in the Flintstones.”?

    There is a historical record that says they do.

    It is not unfortunate for people to know the truth.

  6. There is a palaeontological record (God's creation) that says they didn't. Besides, which, dinosaurs aren't mentioned in the bible.

  7. Anonymous3:59 AM

    That isn't even a triceratops.