Monday, February 09, 2015

Time to Play "Name That Party" Again!

A state representative (guess which party!) in Montana has revived a bill to allow the teaching of intelligent design in the classroom.   This is part of the Wedge Strategy as outlined by the Discovery Institute under the heading “Teach Alternative Theories.” As Education Week notes:
Republican [Whoops. Gave it away] Rep. Clayton Fiscus of Billings introduced House Bill 321 in the House Education Committee Friday.

Last session, in 2013, Fiscus introduced a similar bill, which died in the same committee. One proponent spoke on Friday, none spoke in 2013.

Opponents say the bill would allow religion to be taught in Montana public schools.
Depending on how narrowly one takes the Dover ruling, this would probably wither under the first suit filed on behalf of parents.  It just pains me to see another Republican parroting the ID party line when, in all likelihood, he probably couldn't tell you the basics of evolutionary theory if his life depended on it. 

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