Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Update on the Trouble in Massachusetts: People Respond

MassLive ran a follow-up story on the Holyoke controversy involving the creationism debate, after hundreds of people wrote letters. Here are some that MassLive ran:
chick-a-puppy -- The solution is simple, do not teach religion in a science class and everyone is happy. If you want to teach intelligent design, creationism, or anything else do it at home or Sunday school.

Freesoul -- Genesis, Chap I, verse 1: "In the beginning God created the Heaven, and the Earth." So much for the big bang theory. Class dismissed.

Death and Taxes -- What about the third belief that life was brought to earth by aliens. It's about as plausible as the rest.

Ymir -- That's biogenesis. Different subject.
The idea that evolutionary theory somehow explains life's origins seems to be ingrained in the public conscience.

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