Friday, December 25, 2015

A Few Other Things I Picked Up

I also snagged these on Amazon.  It may take a bit to get through them but they look interesting.

The first one is written by folks from the Interdisciplinary Bible Institute. The second one by “Progressive Christian blogger” Fred Clark, who writes the "Slacktivist" blog for Patheos. Both are inexpensive. 


  1. Again, I see no pictures on this post. And before I forget....merry Christmas!

  2. Odd. I can see both of them just fine, both on my laptop and my iPhone. Do you have some strange browser settings going on?

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      I can see the pictures only in IE 10. In Firefox and Chrome (latest versions) on Windows 7.1 (with updates), no dice.

      BTW, I love Long March of the Koalas! The author comes across as very angry at times, but I understand why.

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  4. A very good friend of mine and his wife recently cut ties with modern Evangelicalism and joined the Eastern Orthodox Church. There are many very good writers in that tradition.