Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Weigh In

In what can only be described as a heavy-handed editorial, Maureen Downey had written a column on the recent Cobb County decision:

To see evidence of evolution, look no further than the Cobb County Board of Education. From a tax-frittering, pseudo-science muddle, the board seems to be evolving into a deliberate and engaged panel capable of putting the reputation and credibility of the district ahead of politics or personal creeds.

While it is probably true that the decision was correct, the evolution sticker side acted in good faith and with good motives. Ms. Downey makes no attempt to hide her contempt for them. Not professional.


  1. Wow. Quite the yellow article, I must say. Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh, and the reasons I refuse to listen to him.

    I wrote out a long, long reply to this article, then decided to place those thoughts in another forum.

    The fact that the author objects to the stickers which call evolution theory, and then uses that phrase herself "Evolution — a theory as solid in science as gravity or electricity" is inexcusable though.

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    amateur historian

  2. The problem, Glenn, is that evolutionary theory does rise to the level of gravitational theory--which not only explains why dropped things fall but the existence of black holes and dark matter--things that cannot be proven but are postulated to exist by the theoretical constructs of gravitational theory. The same is true of evolutionary theory. Evolution can be shown to happen in modern populations, even to level of speciation. When extrapolated into the past, it is postulated to explain the fossil record. If anyone can find a better theory out there, more power to them.