Friday, December 01, 2006

Kansas Outlaws Evolution!!

That paragon of intrepid reporting, the Onion, has revealed that Kansas lawmakers have outlawed evolution. As the report notes:

"Barn swallows that develop lighter, more streamlined builds to enable faster migration, for example, could live out the rest of their brief lives in prison," said Indiana University chemist and pro-intelligent-design author Robert Hellenbaum, who helped compose the language of the law. "And butterflies who mimic the wing patterns and colors of other butterflies for an adaptive advantage, well, their days of flaunting God's will are over."

This is truly a major step in legislation.

Hat tip to Jon Reid.


  1. James E. Gambrell11:54 PM

    Students should never question the principles of biological evolution. Everyone knows it is possible for a nonhuman female animal to give birth to a human child. Right? James E. Gambrell

  2. Sure, and when you remove a grain of sand from a heap of sand, you get a smaller heap of sand, right down to the one-grain "heap" and even the zero-grain "heap".

    Speciation events can only be seen in retrospect.