Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kevin Eigelbach of the Cincinnati Post has come to the notice of Ken Ham, who posted a column chastising Mr. Eigelbach for debating the constitutionality of the Interstate signs pointing to the Creation Museum. The original column is here. As I noted in a post a bit back, AIG did pay for the signs and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Mr. Ham states:

Cincinnati Post reporter Kevin Eigelbach is no stranger to AiG. He has written many newspaper stories and religion columns misrepresenting and/or attacking AiG. Recently he came out with another column making accusations against the Creation Museum concerning museum signage on the interstate (I-275) that runs past the museum and implying wrongdoing on the part of the state of Kentucky etc. Kevin Eigelbach made false statements about a sign in Indiana, which is actually a billboard that we pay for, not a Kentucky state sign. It is obvious that he just wants to do whatever he can to try to undermine the integrity of a Bible-upholding ministry like AiG and attack the Creation Museum.

Mr. Eigelbach's response to Ken Ham's critique is here. He notes:

"Even Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, scolded me in his blog, under the headline, "Heresy and Blasphemy in the Cincinnati Post." He asked readers to pray for me, and then compared me to the apostle Paul, who opposed Christians before his conversion. "The Lord can change Kevin's heart too," he wrote.

Let me say that it's really weird to hear people ask God to change your heart, especially when you don't think you've done anything wrong.

It's also odd to hear yourself called anti-Christian when you've attended church all your life, still read the Bible daily, pray, seek God's will and do all the other things Christians do.

I think some people find it hard to believe that one can differ with them over fundamental issues of religion and be as much a Christian as they are.

Anyway, I think my impersonation of Paul raised some pretty good points, which may have been lost in all the talk of blasphemy."

Funny, I didn't think the original article was all that critical.

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