Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh great! More bad press: "Church row evolves over fossil boy." This controversy stems from the plans on the part of the Nairobi National Museum to use the Turkana Boy in an exhibit on human evolution. The Turkana Boy (KNM WT 15 000) is an almost complete Homo erectus skeleton of a 12-13 year old boy dated to approximately 1.3 million years ago. According to the story in The Times of London:

Bishop Boniface Adoyo, the head of the 35 Kenyan evangelical denominations, is leading opposition to the exhibition. “I do not dispute that as humans we have a history, but my family most certainly did not descend from the apes,” he said. The bishop was invited to view the new Human Origins gallery before it opened this month, and said that he would call on his flock to demonstrate outside the museum if evolution was described as anything other than merely a theory.

I just love it when our church leaders are so scientifically literate. Does he know that gravity is "merely" a theory as well?

Richard Leakey, who I met in 1986, calls it this way:

“Science is at the very foundation of our ability to deal with the new century, so if we bring it down to the idea that science may be unChristian . . . well, how stupid can you get?”

Yup. As Mark Noll put it a few years ago, this is truly The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

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