Friday, January 11, 2008

Mike Huckabee vs. "Your Inner Fish"

It seems that Tiktaalik, the 375 million year old tetrapod ancestral fossil is rising out the murky depths of the past to take a swat at Mike Huckabee, who has publicly rejected evolution. According to the Ottawa Citizen:

Now Neil Shubin, the University of Chicago biologist who discovered the High Arctic fossil, is poised to release a populist recounting of his Canadian find -- Your Inner Fish -- in which he traces the primordial origins of the human race to such lowly creatures.

"It is far worse for Huckabee. Before apes, his ancestors were fish, worms, and other creatures," Mr. Shubin told Canwest News Service yesterday. "With jaw bones that correspond to gill bones in fish and sharks, a body plan shared with headless worms, and with parts of a DNA recipe shared with relatives of jellyfish, Huckabee's ties to some of the most humble forms of life on our planet run deep indeed."

As far as transitional fossils are concerned, Tiktaalik has it in spades:

The fossilized bones of the three-metre-long Tiktaalik (its Inuktitut name means "big, shallow-water fish") showed that it had the scales and fins of a fish but the ribs, neck, head and limb-like bones of a land animal.

I am looking forward to reading Your Inner Fish.

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