Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Bad News from South Carolina

Apparently, the evolution issue is simmering now in South Carolina. According to Myrtle Beach Online:

State Sen. Mike Fair, R-Greenville, successfully lobbied for revisions to include the term "critically analyze," linked to a movement to elevate instruction about creationism and "intelligent design" to the status of evolution.

That modification of the state's widely acclaimed biology standards prompted criticism from national experts.

Fair's campaign angered many high school educators, including those who consider themselves devoutly religious but objected to being told to mix lessons about beliefs with science.

State senators ought to know better than to stick their necks into science education. The problem with evolution education is that you just can't get people up to speed with one or even a few articles. This is what hampers the local school boards--who fall prey to the bad science of the recent-earth creationists. Most science educators are not out to derail the religious leanings of your average student. That pretty much happens in the guidance counselor's office.

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