Friday, March 14, 2008

The Persistent Rep. Storms

Rhonda Storms has continued her campaign to get the Academic Freedom Act heard. TampaBay Online has this to say:

On Wednesday, Storms and Rep. D. Alan Hays, a Republican from Umatilla who is introducing the House version[of the Academic Freedom Act], held a press conference with actor-turned-commentator Ben Stein in Tallahassee to draw attention to the measure. Stein has produced a documentary called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" that he says shows the negative effects experienced by teachers and scientists open to other theories.

For someone who is only peripherally involved with the film, Ben Stein certainly is getting his voice heard. As far as other reaction is concerned, this is disturbing:

Rep. Rob Schenck, R-Spring Hill, said he would consider supporting the bill "as long as it's done responsibly." Schenck taught high school before his election to the House in 2006. "In my opinion, and this coming from an ex-teacher, education is the pursuit of knowledge," Schenck said. "Why should we contain that knowledge to certain theories? Schenck said criticism of Storms and her bill is misguided. "People don't look at the root of (the) issue, and the root of the issue is education," he said. "Education should be all-encompassing."

Why of course! Why should we contain our understanding of gravity to the current theory when "Intelligent Falling" is certainly an open option. If the root of the issue is education, don't you think we ought to provide the best education with the best knowledge that we can?

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