Friday, August 01, 2008

The Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint

Alvis Delk, an amateur archaeologist has found a footprint that purports to show a dinosaur footprint right next to a human one. Here it is.

The story is here. Obviously, if it is the real thing, it will overturn 150 years of evolutionary theory. My suspicion is that it is not but I wonder how soon it will be analyzed because it is being housed by the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. Glen Rose, if you will recall, is the place where the original Paluxy River tracks were unearthed and touted to have human and dinosaur tracks side by side. That proved to be untrue as the human tracks were discovered to be those of a a three-toed dinosaur. Even the ICR backed off of that claim. Glen Kuban did a fairly long write-up on that in The fact that the original reports of synchronous human/dinosaur deposits were so thoroughly debunked and now this shows up gives one cause for concern. Hat Tip to Little Green Footballs.


  1. its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

  2. Little Green Footballs. I have amended the post to say that.

  3. Impressive!
    1) How difficult would it be to fabricate something like this?
    2) If it is in the hands of the Glen Rose Museum, will there ever be independent corroboration?
    3) How do Creationists account for trace fossils like this anyway? How could such fossils be laid down during and/or survive the Flood?

  4. Likely not difficult at all. Charles Dawson fabricated a whole string of fakes in the early 1900s, most of which he never got caught for. The trace fossil problem is something that Mark Isaak also talks about in his excellent Problems with a Global Flood. Alas, I fear you are correct about the current resting place of the "footprint." It is not in the best interest of the Glen Rose Museum to request corroboration, so you can bet that it will be under lock and key for some time. Piltdown? Piltdown anyone?

  5. For more information and my review of this find, as well as other alleged human footprints in ancient rock, please see

    Thanks, Glen K

  6. From the wikipedia entry for the creation science museum:
    *In 2008, a descendant of a family that found many original Paluxy River dinosaur tracks in the 1930s claimed that her grandfather had faked many of them, including the "Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint".[19]*

    Perhaps a recent development in this case?

    Stay safe, seekers.

    Androloma, the Manchurian Centurion

  7. Good pick up. Thanks.

  8. ANDROLOMA, strangely WIKI refers to guy from the 1930es faking Alvis Delk artifact but the print was found in the year 2000. Overall, WIKI seems biased as it obscures Alvis in general, wheres his claims are really overthrowing all flonted evolutionist articles. The museum reference for that artifact is "The fossil was transported to a professional laboratory where 800 X-rays were performed in a CT Scan procedure. Laboratory technicians verified compression and distribution features clearly seen in both prints, human and dinosaur. This removes any possibility that the prints were carved or altered." wiki does not help in either supporting or denying it, weird?

  9. Please forgive me if this sounds rude, but I must inquire do you realize that the title of your blog is an oxymoron? You can't be both a creationist and an evolutionist... I was just wondering.

  10. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I recall seeing a presentation of the Paluxy tracks about twelve years ago by Don Patton, and he mentioned that a CT scan had been done on them, verifying compression and distribution results and thus refuting claims of carving.

    I wonder what reaction Mr. Kuban has to this information?

  11. Wait, wait wait!!! Who verified the CT scans send a link please! I'm not taking your word for it sorry.. everyone seem to be fabricating evident