Friday, August 08, 2008

Support for Freshwater?

Reader RBH corrects my impression that Mr. Freshwater, the biology teacher that is on the hot seat for allegedly branding a student's arm in the shape of a cross and teaching creationism in class, has widespread support in the community. The comment states, in part:

Well, in fact, he doesn't have the support of a large number of local townspeople. A good part of the crowd at the Board meeting Aug 4 was from out of the district, called in by Freshwater's pastor from various churches in central Ohio. I counted cars from four non-local counties and two out of state cars in the parking lot. Most of his local support comes from his own congregation and a couple of other small fundamentalist churches in the area. My judgment is that the 'silent' majority in the district supports the board's action.

Thanks for the information.

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