Monday, November 09, 2009

Evolution is Too Good??

EarthTimes has a book review/story from the PR Newswire called 'Evolution's Fatal Flaw: The Inevitable Consequence of the Need to Ensure Species Survival': New Book Challenges Creationist Beliefs and Warns of the Dangerous Results of Human Evolution. It is not quite what you think. The reviewer writes:
So, what is evolution's "fatal flaw"? "Evolution has been too successful," says Wood. Evolution's solution to ensuring a species' survival - sexual desire and reproduction - has led to population explosions. While strong sexual desire cannot be reduced, there are readily available means for reducing its effects.
So the argument boils down to "Darwin is dangerous because humans are too successful?" Part of the problem, of course, stems from the fact that humans do not experience estrus. We can mate any old time we want—and we do! No other animal on the planet can do that.

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