Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Homemaking, Homo erectus style

OneIndia has a story reporting research from the Israeli site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, in which it has been found that either late Homo erectus or early archaic Homo sapiens were ordering their living environments much the same way that we do. The story notes:
According to the scientists, the camp's hearth was located in the southeast area of the site, and that food-making and eating took place mostly near there.

In addition, most of the stone-tool remains - bits of basalt and limestone rocks that had been shaped into usable instruments - were also clustered near the hearth.

In contrast, the northwestern region held most of the flint remains and evidence of fish preparation.

The archaeologists think this could have been a working area for the early human inhabitants.

"The designation of different areas for different activities indicates a formalized conceptualization of living space, often considered to reflect sophisticated cognition and thought to be unique to Homo sapiens," according to the researchers.

This skill also indicates the inhabitants had some kind of social organization and coordination between individuals.
Further attestation that humanity as we know it, dates from the distant past.

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