Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pawlenty Backpeddles on Creationism Stance?

Tim Pawlenty who, along with Sarah Palin, has indicated a support for the teaching of intelligent design and a disdain for evolution, has backpeddled a bit on that position. In an interview with Paul Demko, of Newsweek, he had this to say about creationism:
Well, you know I’m an evangelical Christian. I believe that God created everything and that he is who he says he was. The Bible says that he created man and woman; it doesn’t say that he created an amoeba and then they evolved into man and woman. But there are a lot of theologians who say that the ideas of evolution and creationism aren’t necessarily inconsistent; that he could have ‘created’ human beings over time.
A hopeful person might interpret that as pressure from the science community to actually have a look at the science in the first place. A somewhat more cynical person might interpret it as hedging his bets.

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  1. Color me cynical. :)

  2. I really have no idea how the GOP is going to divest itself from this problem. Bad science is so heavily ingrained in some segments of our culture that it doesn't occur to many people that the YEC account is "folk science" as Gordon Glover calls it.

    Last night I happened to be surfing the tube and I saw an ad for Dr. Pepper. The actor said (a bit paraphrased) "Science proves that if you drink Dr. Pepper slowly, the 23 different flavors mix perfectly." It occurred to me that there are actually people out there in TV land that will believe that. How sad is that? When you have your political leaders spouting that kind of nonsense also, it makes it that much harder.

  3. Jim,

    The only really good science is science that can be demonstrated.

    Darwinian evolution has never been demonstrated and is only supported by evidence that can be interpreted in a number of different ways.

    You method is to accept methodolical naturalism as well as accept uniformitarian assumptions. You then tack God onto your formula.

    The fact is that bad science is done by everyone who cannot demonstrate their hypothesis. I suspect that your indoctrination by professors who will get fired if they teach anything other than Darwinian evolution is what you trust.

    Just remember, if they don't indoctrinate, they get fired, burned at the stakes, do not get promoted and won't get published, in addition, they won't get grant money.

    When Dissent from Darwin was signed. The PC police went around harrassing the signers.

    We don't have science in the US. We have institutionalize scientific fascism.

    Why do you keep supporting this current corrupt system that harrasses everyone who doesn't repeat the same mantra?

    God Bless