Monday, January 04, 2010

Top Ten Evolution/Creationism Stories of 2009

YaHind has reprinted a story from Newswise recounting the top ten stories involving creationism and evolution from the last year. There is not much that is new or that wasn't chronicled in this blog as well as quite a few others. A sample:
At number four is the report of the Texas Board of Education caving in to creationists, by amending the Biology and Earth and Space Sciences standards with loopholes and language that make it easy for creationists to attack science textbooks.

At number five is the state of Louisiana passing an act that opened the door to teaching the concept of creationism in public school science classes.

The state board of education of Louisiana passed guidelines which said that supplementary classroom materials can’t be rejected just because they include creationism.
As such, the list serves as a reminder that the skirmishes continue unabated.

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