Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stephen Meyer to Face His Critics

Stephen Meyer is to lead a panel discussion on "Darwin's Dilemma," that there appears to be evidence against "Darwinism" being the explanation for the Cambrian Explosion. Here is the Discovery Institute's Announcement:
The “Cambrian Explosion” is one of the most difficult and dynamic counterexamples to Darwinian evolution that the fossil record has ever revealed. We have assembled a group of experts in the field to talk in detail about this “hard evidence” that cannot be easily dismissed by proponents of Darwinism. Most of our speakers are those featured in the DVD “Darwin’s Dilemma.” So come and hear the scientists themselves expound upon the data.
The event is going to held at Biola University, in La Mirada, California, on May 14. For those of us without the bus fare, it would be nice if a transcript of the event was published, especially since Dr. Meyer rarely answers his critics in print. I will write Mr. Luskin to see if that can be done.

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  1. Is DI is organizing this? It does not sound like there will be any critics there, rather it appears to be an ID love-in. Too bad for Biola if they do not invite any proponents of evolution.

  2. I sort of hinted at that but not broadly. You are absolutely correct. He is not facing his critics at all. I do not expect Biola to invite someone of a non-ID persuasion. Another wasted opportunity. This is not out-of-character for the DI, though. They have a terrible track record of facing their critics.

  3. I just found out from Casey Luskin that Steve Matheson is going to be on the panel and Steve is no friend of ID so this should be interesting.

  4. That's an odd description, and I don't find it at the announcement to which you link; it refers to the Cambrian Explosion specifically, and says "we" as though this is a DI event. That's all news to me. The event that I agreed to participate in is described at the Biola Apologetics site, and the invitation was extended by the Biola Apologetics program. Maybe you can clarify where you got the quote in your post.

    In any case, the event does seem to be as advertised; I know of one other confirmed panelist, who is indeed a professional scientist and a critic of ID.

    Also, it's my understanding that the event will be recorded (incl. video) and that the recording will be accessible online. I don't have that in writing, but you should be hopeful that Meyer's performance and his response to critics will be made public. (For better or for worse.)

  5. Steve, you are quite right. I had too many windows open at one time. Here is an updated post. I hope I got everything right this time.

    Stephen Meyer to Face His Critics: Update