Monday, August 02, 2010

More Turmoil In Maine

There has been another dust-up with Paul LePage in which he is said to defended his comments earlier in which he endorsed teaching creationism in the public schools. Maybe. The Bangor Daily reports the following exchange:
On Thursday, LePage said he believes Manning and the Democrats labeled him as a creationist because of his background and religious beliefs. During primary debates, LePage indicated he would support the teaching of creationism in schools.

When Altshuler pressed again for proof, the exchange got heated.

“I’ve answered the question, move on,” LePage said.

“No, the question was have you found any evidence that Arden Manning said because you are a Franco-American Catholic, you are not qualified to be governor?” Altshuler said. “We will talk about creationism in a minute. Have you found any evidence that Arden Manning made this racist comment?”

Replied LePage: “I have looked at my life, I have looked at my career. There is nowhere in my career where the term creationist comes in. The only part of my life … that anyone can ever consider me a creationist is because I am a French Catholic and I believe in God.”
LePage words that in very odd fashion. Why not just come out and say "I am not a creationist." This looks like a Rand Paul move, where coming out and saying what you think might just lose you votes. What seems clear about this is that democrats are going to pull out all the stops with regard to the GOP's embrace of creationism. If they even begin to think creationism might be a plank (surely the GOP would not be that ignorant), the fur will fly.

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