Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wyoming Signage Intolerant of Young Earth Creationism

Dave Thomas over at Panda's Thumb points out something that, honestly took me by surprise. In a post titled "I'm Proud of Wyoming," he posts some pictures he took while on fieldwork. I will reproduce one of them here. There are quite a few others. I have never seen anything like this in Tennessee but they would be a welcome sight.

I don't know how long the signs have been there but I think they should post a whole bunch of them around Northern Kentucky and southern Ohio, right along I-75. Three cheers for the Wyoming Highway Department.

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  1. Too bad the dates on that sign are all wrong!

  2. The Cretaceous is from 145 to 65 mya.

  3. Jim you chose the image of the sign with the wrong dates! The Cretaceous Period 144 to 65 Million Years Ago.

    BTW thanks for bing the voice of reason over on the Biologos site. It is fascinating and frustrating to see how good science is so distrusted that it is simply ignored and usurped by speculation.

  4. Ooh, you're right. I didn't catch that the first time through. I have been missing a lot lately.

  5. I think the original poster, Dave Thomas, missed it also.

    You are welcome. I keep waiting for Darrel to put up my post. There is a hold up somewhere, or else a backlog, not sure.

  6. How in the Wide World of Sports did I miss that?