Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Disgruntled Student Strikes Back

The Advocate has a letter by a graduate student in Baton Rouge, who is hacked off about the current ID debate in Louisiana and says, well, see for yourself:

There has been a long string of college professors and now even a machinist that has written about how intelligent design is “bad” science and that our kids will not be able to compete.

News flash to professors and machinist: teaching our kids their way has made them unable to compete NOW! Louisiana is ranked among the worst in public school education, and they are telling us that intelligent design is bad? Is this a joke?

Of course this brings us to one glaring question in this debate; if mixing religion and science makes for “bad” education then how is it that schools like Catholic High, Episcopal High, Parkview Baptist turn out world-class medical doctors, engineers, scientists, etc.

A fair question, no? Of course, this only scratches the surface of why the public schools are bad. There are so many reasons.

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