Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The ICR has done a piece rightly castigating the bad theology of Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott and P.Z. Meyers . I have challenged them to do a piece on Francis Collins, who champions evolution from within a theistic construct. I bet they won't. The piece contains this little gem, commenting on Dr. Scott:

When she ranks evolution as one of the "core ideas of science," Scott grants it the same legitimacy as the studies conducted on gravity and atomic theory-- although these involve testable phenomena, whereas there has been no observable scientific evidence for macroevolution.13

The foot note goes to this note: See Morris, H. 2000 and 2001. The Scientific Case against Evolution, Parts 1 & 2. Acts & Facts. 28 (12) and 29 (1), who says, among other things, that evolution is not happening now. Oh really? How does he know this? Because he sees cats and dogs around but no dats or cogs. Yup, that there's evidence.
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