Thursday, January 15, 2009

More on the Louisiana Ruling

The Times-Picayune has an additional story on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's decision to strike a passage keeping creationism and ID out of science classrooms. Some found the ruling positive and some didn't:

"The children of Louisiana were well served by this action," said the Rev. Gene Mills, executive director of the Louisiana Family Forum and an original advocate of the bill. Mills said the law is not about advancing the Judeo-Christian version of creation but encouraging students and teachers to engage in open discussions.

Louisiana State University biology professor Kevin Carman said that already occurs in science classrooms but is only productive when the methodology sticks to empirical evidence. "I don't believe in evolution," he said, emphasizing the word "believe." "I am convinced by the supporting facts."

The statement by Gene Mills is a smokescreen. He doesn't want students engaged in open discussions, he want evolution out of the classroom. A check of the LFF's web sites reveals papers presenting science from only one perspective. Some are written by members of Answers in Genesis.

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