Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Here's a Gift For You: The Charles Darwin Bible!

When the NEA has its annual education convention, they will receive a special gift at the door: the Charles Darwin Bible. Quoth the story, from Earned Media,
The NEA Creation Science Educators Caucus has been attending the convention for 14 years. According to Ramsek, "Every year there is a theme reflected on our 20-foot banner at our booth, and a primary resource that we give out for free. In past years we've plastered statements like 'Refuting Evolution,' 'Evolution is Science Fraud,' and 'Evolution Fuels Racism' on this banner. But we are most excited for this year's outreach because we believe it will be the most Christ-exalting year ever, with that Name above every other name featured on our large banner. It boldly states 'For by Jesus Christ all things were created.' This summer also marks the first time that we've given out the Word of God itself through The Charles Darwin Bible."
No wonder Christians look like idiots to the NEA, which comprises the largest voting block in the Democratic National Convention. Every one of those "banner" ideas has been rebutted time and time again. No, evolution hasn't been refuted. No, it isn't scientific fraud, and no, it doesn't fuel racism. As John Derbyshire said:
I’ll also say that I write the following with some reluctance. It’s a wearying business, arguing with Creationists. Basically, it is a game of Whack-a-Mole. They make an argument, you whack it down. They make a second, you whack it down. They make a third, you whack it down. So they make the first argument again. This is why most biologists just can’t be bothered with Creationism at all, even for the fun of it. It isn’t actually any fun. Creationists just chase you round in circles. It’s boring.
The bad thing is that people associate these groups with ID groups as well and they know full well what is going on in the statehouses of Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, New Mexico, Kentucky and other states that have "academic freedom" bills either up for vote or being proposed. Sadly, the people standing at the booths have little to no knowledge of what it is they are handing out, let alone how scientifically bankrupt the whole YEC movement is.

Christianity has so much to offer the world through the salvation of Jesus Christ and instead of offering that kind of help to people coming in the door, these people attempt to take down a theory that has been shown to be scientifically sound for over 150 years? Michael Dowd is right, this really is "flat earth" religion.

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