Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Issue of Evolution Education Outreach on Transitional Forms

The new issue of Evolution Education Outreach, which is free to the public is devoted to transitional fossils. There is a very good article on the recent "fishapod" transition by Jennifer Clack, which tackles all of the transitional forms that we have and makes coherent sense of them. The conclusion hits the nail on the head:
In summary, we now have a much richer fossil record that has improved our understanding of the timing, sequence of events, and conditions in which the origin of tetrapods took place. The boundary between “fish” and “tetrapods” is becoming progressively more difficult to draw, and a more complex story is emerging in which, for example, the origin of limbs with digits, the origin of walking and terrestriality, and the origin of tetrapods in a strict sense, may be three different things.
A great article. Read the whole thing, and the other articles, as well. With more articles like this coming out, the creationist/ID lie that there are no transitional fossils is becoming hollower and hollower.

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